Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

East Leake Pre-School Playgroup welcomes children with special educational needs and disabilities. The playgroup offers an
inclusive environment which meets the needs of all children.

The staff have regard for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice: 0-25 years (DfE and DoH, 2014).

The playgroup's policy 'Supporting children with special educational needs' can be viewed by parents at any time.


The playgroup is based within the East Leake Sure Start Children's Centre. The building is on one level and offers easy access to the playgroup room and secure outdoor space. There is a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet in the building.


Our staff have a wealth of experience working with children with a range of needs including: challenging behaviour, epilepsy, autism, English as a second language, speech and language and developmental delay.

When a child starts at the playgroup, s/he will be assigned a key person. The key person will have overall responsibility for the child's learning and progress and will work closely with parents to develop a positive partnership. This includes regular communication to answer questions, to offer support and guidance and to involve parents in all aspects of decision-making related to their child.

As part of the team, we have a qualified Language Lead practitioner. We also have close links with other professionals including:

1. Area SENCO

2. Early Years Specialist Teacher

3. Speech and Language therapists

4. Healthcare professionals e.g. health visitor, GPs, specialist nurses

5. Sure Start Children's Centre

6. Local schools and nurseries


The playgroup offers a broad, balanced range of activities that is planned to take into account the needs of all our children. Resources are easily accessible and we operate a free-flow system to offer freedom and choice to children.

High Needs funding

If a child's needs are significantly outside and beyond what can be reasonably provided for using our available resources, playgroup can apply for additional funding from Nottinghamshire County Council. Playgroup has successfully applied for High Needs funding in the past. Applications will only be submitted for High Needs funding in consultation with parents.


When children are preparing to leave playgroup to start school (or another setting), we aim to support the child and their family to make the transition as smooth as possible. In consultation with parents, playgroup staff will liaise closely with the receiving setting. For example, this can include visits to the new setting for the child and key worker as well as staff from the receiving setting visiting playgroup.

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